Doomsday File

Scotland Yard has arrested Julian Assange. He is cofounder of Wikileaks. Britain plans to extradite Assange to Sweden, where he is wanted for sexual misconduct crimes. Assange is an Australian citizen. The judge in Britain says this has nothing to do with Wikileaks. However the Wikileaks servers are located in Sweden. Hmmm.

What I find most interesting is Assange's "insurance policy" against being apprehended. He has widely distributed a doomsday file. The file is named "insurance.aes256". It supposedly contains a bunch of secret info that has not been released to the public yet.

Assange warns that if he gets detained, the password to this file will be distributed and chaos will ensue. The file itself is 1.4G large. Who knows what goodies are in there. The way things are going with his Swedish case, I bet we are about to get the next large dose of Wikileaks mania.