Keylogger Comparisons

I was reading an article on how to use your GPU to crack passwords. There was an advertisement on that site for the "Top 10 Keyloggers of 2012". I could not help myself. I had to check out that list. Five different products were listed and compared. I wondered whether this site was just an advertisement for the product listed in the to position. I decided to do some research on the products listed.

Let's talk about cost. IamBigBrother comes in at the bottom for $29.99. Next is SpyAgent at $69.95. Then WebWatcher and Spector Pro go for $97.00 and $99.95 respectively. I did not consider Content Protect in any comparisons since it does not seem to really be a keylogger.

Next let's look at awards. WebWatcher and Spector Pro were PC Magazine editor's choices. I don't know whether the editor's choice award is worth anything. But I do know and somewhat trust PC Magazine. SpyAgent is allegedly ranked number 1 with Sounds legit.

How about what I actually get, and what upgrades come with the product? Specto Pro claims unlimited upgrades. That just sounds suspicious. SpyAgent will ship you a CD-ROM, provide 1 year of free major upgrades, and free minor upgrades. That sounds like a very legit type of upgrade. WebWatcher had a shaky option of seeling you a 1 year reinstall capability for downloaded. It costs an extra %9.95. That's just a fail.

Spector Pro takes 5 minutes to install. SpyAgent claims to install in under 1 minutes. Advantage SpyAgent. SpyAgent also touts its help documentation and lifetime support. You can't count those nice extras out. IamBigBrother provides a free trial. Sounds good. I am almost tempted to try out a free trial myself.