Flying People

How do you get people to fly around in the air above New York City? You create some remote control air planes that looks like humans. I was checking out some blog posts by Giles Bowkett when I saw this video. It is pretty freaky how real the planes look. I might have been disturbed if I were driving on the bridge while these "people" were flying above.

At first I thought this was just some guys with a wild side project. By the end of the video, I figured out this was some sort of promotional stunt for the movie Chronicle. That still did not take away from its awesomeness. In the middle of the vehicle I saw some type of octagon shaped vehicle floating in the sky. I wondered whether this device helped control the planes. Nope. Later I figured it must be some sort of aerial camera to shoot the planes and peoples' reactions.

FBI File on Steve Jobs

Now this is something you got to see. The people over at MuckRock have petitioned the FBI to share their files on Steve Jobs. Wouldn't you know it? The FBI had a file on him. It is back from 1991, when he was a potential candidate for a presidential appointment. So they had to do an investigation on Jobs' character.

They provide his place of birth (San Francisco), his date of birth (02/24/1955), as well as his social security number (549-94-3295). They even show his birth certificate number (55-075100). Apparently social security numbers of dead people are not closely guarded. They are actually shared to prevent identity theft of dead people. Go figure.

There were some funny tidbits in the FBI file. Jobs listed that he was never fired, or quit after being told he would be fired. Many people were interviewed as to the character of Jobs. some called him a "deceptive individual". Others stated that "his moral character was questionable".

You should head over to MuckRock yourself and check out the PDF of the files. Much personal information was redacted. But it is a very interesting read.