Demoscene Drama

Someone released a 128 byte demo namd Wolf128 the other day. They tagged it as being done by Red Sector Inc. The demo is very cool. I have no idea how it could be implemented in 128 bytes alone. The real story is that people took offense at the work being credited to Red Sector Inc (RSI).

To tell you the truth, I did not know who the heck RSI is/was. That's because they are very old. They were started in the 1980s writing demos for the Commodore 64. In the 1990s they moved to writing demos for the Amige.

Sometime later the crew joined forces with with a group called TRS. Collectively they were then known as Tristar Red Sector Inc, or TRSI. Yeah. I know. Who cares right? Well apparently TRSI alumni do. Nevertheless, the demo is cool. Check out the Wolf128 page.