Free Laundry

Apparently a lot of apartment buildings have coin operated laundry machines in the basement. And guess what? You can order a key to unlock the payment mechanism. LOL.

What if your neighbor asks WTF you are doing? You can say you are the laundry repair guy. Tell them you are running a test load and the machine will be available in an hour or two.

This idea is not unique to basement laundry machines. Apparently a lot of heavy duty land construction equipment (such as those made by CAT) use the same key. Now operating one of those machines is a heck of a lot more complicated than starting the washing machine.

Making Money the Old Fashioned Way

I have heard some interesting stories of how teenagers made extract money working fast food jobs. This was back in the day when people going through the drive through paid in cash. The worker would withhold 25 cents from the change given to each customer. If there were 500 cars that went through the drive through on a busy night, that added up to a lot of money.

One funny thing is that most customers did not even check the amount of their change. If one customer did notice the discrepancy, the worker would just apologize and given them the extra quarter they were due.

Now the special tactic involved in this scam was to ensure the cash drawer balanced out with the receipts of food sold at the end of the night. The worker accounted for the extra cash by putting the withheld quarters in a special spot in the drawer. At the end of the night, they would count those quarters and pull out an equivalent amount of cash before counting time. Slick.