Boosting Your Chess Skills

Recently I have read a few articles on how to quickly boost your chess ability. Hey I am always down for a shortcut. Well you can't get something for nothing. There is some work involved. However you can maximize your bang for your buck in studying.

One thing you got to do is manually analyze your games. Don't just let the computer do it. Record your moves and go back over them after your games. You also got to study up some exercises. There are a lot of books to help you do that. Practicing the basics can give you quite a boost.

Here is some advice that I found strange. Avoid studying openings. That is not a high return on investment type of study. Go figure. All I know is that I need to step up my game so I can put my chess computer program in its place.

Beware of Emily

Some bad boys came up with a plan to infiltrate a government security agency. They set up a fake social media profile of a hottie. They used some random good looking girl's photo. They also made it seem like she graduated from MIT. Her resume boasted 10 years experience in the industry. Poor government officials had no chance.

Emily started making virtual connections. Got some FaceBook likes and friends. Also got some LinkedIn love. It was not long before she was getting offers to help her cut through the red tape to get jobs at government agencies and commercial companies alike.

Did I mention that some emails sent from emily had viruses in the payload? Yep. Government computers compromised. What is a security professional to do? Guys cannot help themselves when they see poor Emily needing an assist. Social engineering at its best.