To Be A Hacker

I read an article on TurboFuture about the 10 most powerful hacking groups. The usual suspects were there. The site gave a blurb about each of the most famous group. The funniest thing was the comments people left about the article. Here is a sampling:
  • I'm join your group please
  • Plz help me tech
  • I wana be a hcker
  • Hey can i join your group ... im 9 years old.
  • how can i hack somthing
  • i wanted one white hacker
A lot of these folks don’t need to learn hacking. They need to learn spelling and grammar. I am positive that you don’t become a hacker by saying “pick me” in the comments section of an article.
There was one comment that seemed to have some insight. They said that joining one of these elite groups is not easy. First you should learn and make a name for yourself. Then the groups will come looking to recruit you.