Jails and Sentencing

Not all jails are created equal. County jails are rough. You might spend some time there before you get sentenced. State prisons are also hard core. In general it is better to go to federal prison.

Here is the trade off. If you do serve time at a tough state prison, you will most likely serve a shorter sentence. The federal prisons are better to be in, but you will probably spend more time there.

Let's switch gears and talk about how to handle yourself when you are charged. Don't say anything. Speak only with your attorney. Anything you say will only count against you.

If people do snitch, the only ones that benefit are usually the first ones to talk. So if you are going to be a rat, do it early. I don't recommend it though. Providing useful information to the FBI might get you a sentence reduction. Hope for upwards of half your sentence eliminated. In reality you will only get about a third of your sentence chopped.