Chick Virus Writers

I read this interview with a female hacker. She writes viruses and is a freelancer. She goes by the handle hh86. Credit to SPTH for the original interview.

So hh86 says that her friends really don't know she is a virus writer. Incognito. Nice. She is hard core in that she writes her viruses in assembly language. Writing with compiled languages is restricting for her.

Shrug for the 64 bit Windows platform is a virus she admires. She is author of the Delae family of viruses. These are ones with names that start with w32.

One of hh86's techniques is to obscure the entry point of her viruses. Unlike other virus authors, she does not do IRC much. She is in contact with antivirus peeps.

Look for a new zine to be released by hh86 next month.