Prison Break

Let's talk about getting out of prison. No. I am not talking about breaking out. I mean serving your time and being released. If you remain on good behavior, you will accrue 54 days off per year. These can add up if you spend many years in the slammer.

You can normally serve the last portion of your sentence in a Community Corrections Center (CCC). This is a house out in the city. You get to work a job. But you must spend nights and weekends back at the house.

Do well at the CCC, and you may be able to serve the very end of your sentence under house arrest. After you are out, you must report to your probation officer frequently. Try to stay out of trouble. Sooner or later things will lighten up. Ok. I have been going over the highlights of what I know about the big house. Time to return to more hackology like coding mad apps.