Prison Life

Here are a bunch of tips to guide your life behind bars. Don't threaten other prisoners. If you want to make an impressive, be like Nike and just do it. You know what they say. Actions speak louder than words.

When you do have a beef with another prisoner, don't involve the guards. That makes you seem like a snitch. Nobody likes a snitch. If your problem involves a guard, then you can submit a complaint.

Complaints against guards or other prison employees will take a long time for resolution. To maximize the chance that your complaint will be effective, keep it short and specific.

Finally let's talk about solitary confinement. You get put into "the hole". It is a small area. Most everything is concrete, except your toilet and bed, which are steel. It is cold in there. The food you get fed is minimal and also cold. Normal punishments get you into the hole for 1 week.