Federal Bureau of Prisons

There are a whopping six different levels of security in the federal prison system. A designator at the prison will figure out what level you start out at. Let's get into the different levels.

1. Minimum - This is for short sentence convicts. There is no fence to keep you in. If it is your first time, you will probably wind up here unless you were convicted of a violent offense.

2. Federal Correctional Institution - You are fenced in here. You got sharp stuff at the top of the fence to prevent you from climbing over.

3. Medium Federal Correctional Institution - There are extra guards on duty here. Inmates are serving long sentences. You don't get to move around as much compared to the lesser security prisons.

4. High Federal Correctional Institution - More oversight by guards. Less movement by inmates. Very long sentences served by inmates.

5. United States Penitentiary - The real bad guys are kept here. You cell mates will be murders and such. They don't use a fence to keep you in. There is a very high brick wall surrounding the prison. If you make it in here, you may get roughed up bad by other prisoners.

6. Supermax - Also known as Max. You are always stuck in your cell. If you need a shower, you get a sponge and some water. If you must leave your cell, you are cuffed and escorted by a lot of guards.