Bail and Sentencing

Much of your court success will depend on the skills of your attorney. Here is a hint. You should not use the public defender. Instead you got to hire your own lawyer. The problem is that they will cost you a whole lot of cash. We are talking $100k or more.

It is good to know a lot about the laws and court yourself. Here are some tips if you are going to sign a plea agreement. Try not to sign away your right to an appeal. Later you might find a way to lesson your sentence. Have a list of issues you can appeal ready during your sentencing. Bring these issues up at sentencing. Follow through by filing a notice to appeal. Do this quickly after your sentencing.

There are some factors that might extend your sentence. If you are highly skilled, and your used those skills to hack, you get extra time. Now let's talk a little about bail. You get locked up as soon as they come to collect the evidence and yourself. In general, you do not get released on bail. That is a low probability event. If you do make bail, it can take weeks to process the bail papers.