TSA Body Scanners

The TSA is now requiring airplane passengers to submit to a full body scan machine. Supposedly a TSA employee in the back room will view the images. Passengers did have the ability to opt out of the scan and receive a pat down. However the new TSA policy is to give you the full feel up during this pat down. Madness has ensued.

You know this is wrong when even the pilots are complaining about the new procedures. They worry about the radiation from the body scan. And some pilots hate being felt up when they opt out. Don't you love it when the TSA comes up with crazy rules like this?

When I fly, I will just obey and go through the scanner. So what if some chump in the back gets to see my privates. I don't want nobody feeling up my junk. The rest of the American public may not be willing to take this any more though.