Sorry I have not posted anything in a while. Each night I have been working on a computer program that I plan to sell online. At first I was going to do something in the college scene. But now my direction has turned to poker.

So far I already have a playable game. I just need to put in some rewards that makes the user want to keep playing my game. My recent research has turned to figuring out how to lock down my app. I want people to buy the thing. And I was only those who bought my app to be able to run it.

I need to generate some registration keys that you need to install the game. The key needs to be long enough so you can't guess it. But it should be short enough so as not to cause valid users to make mistakes. Next I need to write some code that is hard to figure out, but that validates the key. I do not want anybody brute force attacking this key. So if you make a mistake, my program will pause before you can reenter the key.

My program is written in C++. I hear that you should use some complex features of the programming language to make it harder to break. Speaking of C++, you should inline all calls to the key decryption. That way a hacker can't just patch one copy of your routine. They need to find all instances of it. There is a whole lot more to this key business. I plan to talk about it some more in the future.