Keygen Fail

Last time I wrote, I had just created a keygen to test the security I put in my app. My keygen app tried a brute force attack on my app registration. It would simulate a user entering in all the combinations of keys. The keygen had to also press the Ok button on the registration dialog.

Well the keygen app key trying all night. However the target of the attack blew up after a few hundred thousand attempts. Heck. I might consider that abort part of the security in the app. If you can't brute force the thing without it blowing up, that makes the brute force hacker's job even harder. That's not to say that the keygen app could not detect this and restart my app.

I just wanted a little experience with creating a keygen. My app's registration screen will pause if you enter a wrong key. The more bad keys you enter, the longer it will pause between attemps. This will slow a brute force attack down in its tracks.