LulzSec Identification

The LulzSec team has been all over the news. The biggest story was their hacking of Sony accounts. Lately they have infiltrated the CIA websites. Is there anything they can't do? Well the LulzSec blog is outing the identify of some LulzSec members.

Who knows whether this blog has actual info on LulzSec members? The thing that surpised me was the detailed information the blog posts on some people. They got social security numbers, postal addresses, phone numbers including mobile, and email addresses. They know the ISPs used, IP addresses, pictures, and even family information.

The LulzSec blog is brought to you by Team Web Ninjas. They provided the most information on one Corey R Barnhill. He is known as Kayla, Xyrix, and Parr0t. Leave it to a hacker to have so many handles. I am going to keep an eye on this blog. Perhaps they have the low down on LulzSec.