The Mind of LulzSec

The Guardian newspaper published an article online describing the personalities of the members of LulzSec. They gained this insight in part by viewing the logs of an IRC channel called "pure-elite". The Guardian went on to publish the contents of the logs, with some information redacted. From what I gather, the redacted info outs the perp who leaked the info.

I read through the chat log and learned a great deal about the LulzSec crew. They value the Perl, Bash, C++, PHP, and assembly programming lanaugages. That does not mean they all have these skills. It is just what they need to write some apps or bots. In fact, during on session they were trying to identify some C++ programmers to help them out.

They use technologies such as bots, IP spoofing, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and flooders. These are use in DDoS attacks. They also help conceal their identity. Or so they think. Muhahaha.

These guys use tools such as Tor for anonymous communications, Slowloris for DDoS over HTTP, and anonine for VPN servers. LulzSec seems to hate The Jester, 2600, and Adrian Lamo.

Overall this crew seemed to speak intelligently. They used a lot of slang appropriate for chat. But their speech was eloquent. They also seemed to know a lot of details about composing DDoS attacks. Not that I am a DDoS expert. But you could tell they were discussing the finer points of putting together cool attack vectors.

Hats off to the Guardian newspaper for obtaining and publishing the chat logs. I guess they have their security in order. Otherwise the LulzSec crew would have DDoSed them off the Internet.