The Lulz Boat

I am really starting to get a kick out of this LulzSec crew. Today I went to their web page. The theme from The Love Boat TV show start playing in the background. That is in reference to their Lulz Boat. I get it.

There is a link at the button of the page to Mute the volume. But when you click the Mute link, the volume gets doubled, and they change the text to say that volume has increased 100%. LMAO. Now that is a worthwhile joke.

On a more serious note, I checked out some of the data they posted on their sight. Damn. They got around 75,000 records of X-Factor contests details. Whew. They also have a long list of emails and passwords for a porn site. Ha ha. They have a good time at who they find registered at the sight. I am going to be keeping an eye on the Lulz folks.