Front Running

You want to register a domain for yourself. The first thing you do is search whether somebody else already owns the domain. The problem is that by doing the search, people get informed that you are interested. Registrars will then do some front running, actually registering the domain for themselves. Then you need to deal with them to buy it from them. That can be prohibitive.

What a sleazy business some of these registrars run. I have heard about this nonsense before. The trick to making sure somebody does not scoop up the new domain you want is to do the query against the actual registry database. Don't go through one of the registrars. Don't even do a Google search for the domain. Somebody is most likely going to snatch up your domain.

I thought about this problem a bit. Why not attack the source of the problem? Stick it to the greedy registrars. Let's flood them with a bunch of queries checking for domains. I can write a problem that comes up with random domain names and then checks them. If the cost to pre-register all these domain names is too high, perhaps they will stop this idiotic behavior. Sounds like a nice little project for me to code up. What language should I used?