Open Source Tools

It seems like there are a lot of free open source tools out there in the security sector. I just read an article that listed 59 such tools. I checked most of them out. Some of them look worthwhile. I am going to highlight three of them here.

Take a look at Bacula for doing backups. You can perform the backup over a network. This tool is truly simple to set up. It is called "enterprise ready". This tool has its own conference. Damn. It is released in an AGPL license. Code is stored in Sourceforge.

How about AxCrypt? It is totally integrated into Windows. Right click to encrypt. Double click to decrypt. It does not get any simpler than that. Currently there are 2 million users of this product. The developers request a $5 or $10 donation if you love this software.

You may have heard of tcpdump for UNIX. Well now we have WinDump for Windows. This is a command line network analyzer. It needs the WinPCap library. It can deal with wireless networks. This software is being released under the BSD license.