Best Things are Free

I just went through a huge list of free .NET tools. Thanks to Qink for providing the links. I chose the top four tools I thought you might be interested in. Here is the low down on these freebies.

DotNetZip can do everything you want with zip files. Any dot Net apps can use it. It even works undo Mono. You obviously need the .NET framework to use this thing. It is distributed as a DLL. You can make self extracting zip files with it. The tool even supports AES encryption. Damn. Get this now.

PDFSharp lets you create PDF files. It is open sourced under the MIT license. The routines to draw on the PDF file are the same types you use to draw on the screen (i.e. GDI commands). It supports transparent images. Nuff said.

Selenium is a tool to help test web apps. You can record a session using Firefox. Then you can play back what happened. Alternatively you can export the activity to your programming language for modification. Your app can then work with the Selenium server to play back the actions. Sweet.

Finally there is DocX. It allows you to create Microsoft Word documents. It is released as a DLL. DocX requries .NET and Visual Studio. All the Word goodies such as tables, headers/footers, and pictures are supported.