Hacking Tools

I have been talking about free tools recently. But instead of any old tools, I should focus more on hacking tools. Let's do that here.

Date Cracker 2000 gets you past most time sensitive software. You know. It pwns trial software that expires in 30 days. It also works on shareware. The tools is distributed "for educational purposes only". LOL. The authors have agreements with some software developers. So it won't crack all trialware. It can come in handy when you are coding up some software that expires.

PuTTY is an SSH client. It also does Telnet as well as xterm terminal emulation. The web site where you download it from has a warning. The software is illegal if encryption is illegal in your country. Weird. This program is better than the stock applications that come with Microsoft Windows.

The Advanced Port Scanner is a tool that runs on Windows. You enter an IP address or a range of addresses to scan. This program is fast because it is multithreaded. You actually specify how many threads you want it to run. The latest version of the program was released in 2006. You can save the options for reuse.

Some other tools of interest include nmap and p0f. They are a network mapper and passive listener respectively. Maybe I will review them in depth some time later.