The Case for Emacs

When I am on UNIX, I use vi for file editing. However I read an article today about emacs that was most interesting. It touted some of the emacs power that I would like to have at my fingertips. I tried emacs before. It just did not feel natural. Maybe it is time for another look.

One thing is certain. Emacs is not easy to learn. A key tenet of emacs is that you should be able to do anything by just pressing keys. There is not cut and paste per se in emacs. They have something like it though.

You can open a whole lot of files in emacs. They each get their own buffer. Emacs has a built in spell checker. Nice. It also has sophisticated undo and selective searching.

The list of emacs featues goes on and on. There is support for regular expressions. You can also execute shell commands directly from the program. I just may have to give it a try.