Outsourcing to Prisons

A company in India is planning to open up shop in one of their prisons. The plan is to have prisoners do some office work like data entry. This is essentially an outsourcing shop. Does anybody see there being something wrong with this setup?

I can understand the hype behind this project. They say that after the prisoners do the work, they will be able to use the skills to transition to similar work when they get out of prison.

Another proposed benefit is that the work will make the prisoners more money than the typical chain gang style work. They are hyping a 10 times better pay for prisoners doing the office work.

The only ones who might make out with this scenario are the prisoners. They get some easier work. They get access to computers where they might be able to do some online crime. And if everything goes as planned, they get office skills to boot. I don't think I want these guys processing my transactions.