Games Criminals Play

I read a book review on Games Criminals Play. This is a study of how inmates in prisons use psychology to trick guards into doing their bidding. The lessons extend to any type of manipulation. If you are a prison guard, you had better get a copy of this book and study up.

The prisoners look for emotional weakness in the guards. They also target new employees, or newly transferred guards. These are the ones that can be easily manipulated. It starts with some testing of the guards' limits. Then prisoners accelerate their tactics to gain full control of the guard.

One small goal is to get a guard to depend on you. Compliment them to stroke their ego. Learn personal details about the guards. Ask guards for help. Start with an accidental touch. Then escalate to deliberate moves.

Finally you launch a rumor campaign against your target. Apply leverage. If they help you with small disgressions, you can get them to do more. It is a typical blackmail style lever. How do you avoid all this mess? Tell other guards what is happening to you. Stay above approach. Document everything that goes on. Above all be careful. If a crook invests this much energy to compromise you, then may get violent if the techniques do not work.