Hacker Traits

I checked out a FAQ that instructs a manager on what to do if they hire a hacker. The goal is to get good work out of the hacker without disrupting the whole organization.

Let's start with some hacker traits. They are competent, especially at technical tasks. They have high ability, knowledge, and skills. They think deeply and abstractly. Hard concepts come easy to them. Their thinking is uncommon. They have ultimate concentration.

You need not worry. Your normal hacker does not want to steal from you or others. That would be the cracker, or simple script kiddie. Hacker are just very effective at what they do. They might have 10 times the performance of your normal workers.

Some roles are not well suited for hackers. Don't let them be computer operators, or anything else where they might get bored. A hacker won't respect any nonsense like job titles. However they will most likely be honest. If you need a strong tech person, the hacker is the way to go.