LifeLock CEO Ownage

Have you seen the advertisements for LifeLock? They are an identity theft protection company. Their ads have the social security number of COE Todd Davis prominently displayed. The idea is that he uses their service, and is so confident about the service that he can publicly release his SSN.

There is just one snag with this theory. Thieves are stealing the guy's identity all the time. LOL. People are opening accounts in his name all over the country. I guess LifeLock's service is not quite rock solid yet. Normally this would be a shame. However the guy was really asking for it. Publishing your SSN on ads across the nation is not a great idea.

I bet there are crooks who stick it to Todd Davis just because he is so bold and arrogant. Well the company has some work to do. The first item on the agenda is to take care of all the CEO identity theft occurrences. Oh yeah. Their web site is so slow it is not even funny. I guess they are the target of a few denial of service attacks as well. I almost feel sorry for them.