Hackers Wanted

Word on the street is that the documentary "Hackers Wanted" has been leaked onto the Pirate Bay. This documentary features people such as Woz (cofounder Apple Corp), Kevin Rose (founder of Digg), and Adrian Lamo. More on Adrian later. The documentary is narrated by actor Kevin Spacey.

In case you do not know, the Pirate Bay (also know as TPB), is a web site hosted in Sweden. It is a big bit torrent site. You got to register to access the porn on it. They run Linux, Lighttpd, PHP, and MySQL to provide the site. It seems to always be in the news for controversy. The place got raided by police back in '06. And last year they got taken to court. The site is supported by ads.

The most interesting part of the documentary seems to be the coverage on Adrian Lamo. To tell the truth, I had not heard of him before this documentary. This guy used to be a grey hat hacker. He hacked big corporations, identifying security holes for free. They called him the Homeless Hacker because he roamed around. His is most known for hacking into the New York Times, adding himself as an expert source in their database. They prosecuted him for that, and he got 6 months confinement, 2 years probation, and a heft $65k fine. The dude has since gone on to college, and is now a journalist.

I will leave with a funny story about Adrian Lamo. They wanted him on the NBC Nightly News. He was asked to demonstrate his skills. So he proceeded to quickly hack the NBC Network, upon which he was escorted out the building. LMAO.