Wireless Safety

Last week I took a little vacation from work. Checked into a nice motel. They had information in the room on how to access their wireless network. I confess I had a little problem configuring my laptop to use their wireless router. Normally I hit a few keys at boot time to choose which wireless network to connect to. This time hitting the keys did nothing.

I was really surprised when my laptop was able to connect to the Internet. Then I figured out what was going on. One of the wireless networks I connect to is one with a Linksys router with the default setup. There must have been a similar setup close enough to my motel room for me to share their connection. Hey that's cool right?

Then I got to second thinking. I was about to access my company information using my secret password. And I also logged into e-mail using my password. Suppose somebody opened up a Linksys router in order to spy on unsuspecting chumps like me using their wireless access? Then I would have compromised some of my accounts and passwords. Hey. I was on vacation. I did not want to bother with figuring out why my laptop would not let me choose another wireless network. So I just logged in, did my business, and got on with my vacation. Did I make the right choice?