On vacation I went to a military surplus store. Of all things it was named Top Gun. They had an interesting book section there. I came across "The Revenge Book" by Bob Smith. This is an oldie but goodie on how to get even with some jerks. It was a used copy of the book. Now get this. The book retailed for $6. But it was being sold for $17. Who knows? Maybe it was an out of print book or something. I ended up getting a big picture of a Vietnam helicopter instead.

When I got home, I looked the book up on Amazon. There were a lot of copies for sale. I chose a used copy. One seller in Amazon marketplace was offering a used copy of the book for 13 cents. I placed my order immediately. The book came in less than a week. Thanks greatbuybooks.

Now this book is only 81 pages long. But it has precious ideas on dirty deeds. Some of the ideas you could think about. Others are plain evil would have never crossed my mind. Here is a short excerpt:

Call the victim's toughest neighbor. Tell him you work down at the local bar (or restaurant or garage) and that the victim has been down there badmouthing him

If you know of a specific squabble between victim and neighbor, say the victim was discussing that when he made his uncomplimentary remarks. Tell the neighbor you didn't really want to get involved, "But I don't think anybody should be talked about the way he talked about you..."