Reword Version 1.0 Released

It has been a while since I released any software on my blog. So here is a beta version of my Reword program. This program shall take a text file, and generate an output file which "rewords" the text. It does this by locating a synonym for each word in the input file. For now the input file must be named "in.txt" and be in the same directory as the Reword program. The output file is always named "out.txt".

Here are some big limitations with the program:
  • It is painfully slow
  • The resulting text is hard to read
  • You cannot choose the input and output filenames

Here are some minor issues with the program:

  • You cannot easily exit while it is rewording
  • It does not keep capitalization
  • It also loses punctuation

The major improvement would be to make this program run faster. The program actually goes out to an online thesaurus for each word in the input file. This is the slow part. I figure I could continue to go to the online thesaurus. But there is no reason why the program needs to do this one word at a time. I could lookup all the words in each sentence at the same time. This could easily give a 10 times speed increase.

I initially had another idea. I could build the thesaurus into the program. This would make the program run ultra fast. However the program size would become huge. So I did not want to do that. Let me know what you think. I will follow up with another post showing an example of Reword output. I have found that the program is able to reword almost 50% of the words in the input file.