Goodbye Click

I wanted to put some ads on my site to help out a friend. However the ad program does not allow you to put ads on sites featuring hacking. Ouch. So I cleaned up my house (blog) a little bit. Got rid of the blatent post titles referencing hacking. Just did a little renaming.

The hard part was that I had to delete my first couple posts that were about my old Click program. That little prog had nothing but evil intentions. So it had to go. I left all the other programs up on my blog. They all have legitimate purposes. They can still be used for evil. But none of the remaining ones are not inherently or specifically for hacking.

I find that most of the programs I write are to solve a certain personal need. For example I am working on a custom program right now that quickly backs up my PC. It concentrates on the most important data files and software configuration. Now I need to do a lot more testing before I post an alpha or beta version here. You don't want to mess around with backup software unless it is pretty solid. However this program has nothing to do with hacking. It has a lot to do with the technical side of Microsoft Windows. And I think that is good stuff. Expect more of the same here on my blog in the future.