Reword Example

In my last post I released an early edition of my Reword program. And I promised an example so here it is. I took the text from a blog post entitled Printing Problems. Then I ran this input text through Reword. I will confess that it took a long time for the program to process these couple hundred words of input. When it was done, it produced the following jibberish. But hey. Some of the output text is funny, don't you think?

betimes I dip into books about female crumb com that I dearth to acquire à la mode the future. Since I am an advanced coach altruistic about guy, I alike to copy abroad the tome data so I container contemplation at them about article later. although I hold constitute that female has problems issue the tome fine print mesh pages. I commonly acquirement a abyss sheet when I crack to copy an female mesh page. betimes I acquirement a fancy-free sheet which is piece about an advertisement. I little am capable to copy abroad the tome information. So I recourse to copying the mesh announce to a Microsoft saying document. Then I copy the saying bill to acquirement the information.

actually since female is such a considerable company, I am certain they apprehend active this problem. mayhap this is divers separate about blueprint to coercion me to acquire the tome accurate away. alternative mayhap they acquit denial dearth me to copy the info also depart to a insular bricks also mortar tome store. Whatever the reason, I doubt this abnormality does denial adversely force their sales. It ability flat aggrandizement sales. besides I appropriate acquit denial alike it. I academic I could bang the hornets' nest to Amazon. besides assuming this issue hornets' nest is accomplished along design, I ability crack to bonanza a avenue to amerce Amazon. I could box office my incorporated elsewhere. auspicious for Amazon, the ease about the ceremonial from them is adroit good.

I dearth to box office these bum experiences to heart. The software I factory about should never act alike this. assuming you fourth estate print, I would dearth my software to accurately copy what the user sees alternative expects. actually my project’s software entourage is buyer server. So it may breathe easier to guaranty success. besides that is denial to articulate that we discretion denial drift to the mesh erstwhile à la mode the future. At that acicula I discretion dearth to assure my users issue experiences are good. It is optimal to breathe a buyer earliest so you container altruistic the afflictive from problems. That makes you a motivated aid developer.

So away I container bethink divers problems when our buyer does printing. Mostly they chew on about discharge issues. betimes printouts acquit denial demonstrate elate also box office a age to reset antecedent the users container crack to copy again. I cerebrate it may breathe period to accrue elate my sleeve also acquirement to factory about our acknowledge issue problems. I acquit denial dearth to breathe the kettle appellation female crumb com black. To acquit so would breathe hypocrisy.