Steal This Computer Book

I checked out the latest edition of Steal This Computer Book from the library. It sounded like some type of hacking book. So I thought I would give it a read.

At home I read the back cover. I got a little scared. There was a warning on it that said the book was not to be used for illegal activities. Then the author's bio stated he was a stand up comic. Great. I may have checked out a spoof.

Luckily, when I skimmed through the interesting chapters, I found you could not judge this book by its cover. Here are some kewl facts I learned by reading it.

Hacker sites seem to appear and disappear. You got to keep up to stay current. There are sites devoted to providing links to the best sites. I have seen those before and thought they were just spam. Nope. They are the real deal.

The top conferences for hackers are DefCon, HOPE (from 2600 magazine), SummerCon and ToorCon. Next time I will go into some more gems I pulled from this book. That includes some nasty cons, and how to prevent yourself from being found.