Defense Against the Dark Arts

Suppose you wanted to make sure you could not be found. You still need to communicate with others. However you just don’t want stalkers to track you down and know where you live. I read a book that briefly went over some steps to stay invisible. Here are the highlights.

Definitely get an unlisted phone number. You can also sign up for the phone line under a misspelled or fake name. Don’t put down you address when signing up for the phone line. Use something else like a post office box.

Request that web sites take down information with your name and/or address. Use an anonymous remailer for sending out e-mail. Change you e-mail address frequently. This is easy with free e-mail services like Gmail.

Don’t use credit cards at all. And don’t use your real name for anything. This just scratches the surface of how to lay low. I am sure you could write a whole book to take the undercover living to the next level. I found this all very interesting. I myself write under a pen name so stalkers have to work hard to determine my identity. So far it has worked for me.