Net Cons

I read about a number of interesting cons in Steal This Computer Book. There was the standard fare like Multi Level Marketing (MLM) scams. You know the kind. Somebody says they will pay you to stuff envelopes at home. Yeah right.

But there were some tricky ones too. People will leave you a message. When you call back, they try to keep you on the line. That's because its a pay line like the old 900 numbers. Scammed.

Another con is a play on the chain mail letter. You get a program which enforces the chain. You have to pay the 5 or 6 people on the list. Then you get a new version of the program with your name on the list. The theory is that you will then receive cash from people who receive your program. The funny part about this is that the con software program can be hacked without you coughing up any money.

The last con was pretty interesting. You get a stock tip from a broker who says a certain stock is going up in price. Then like magic it goes up. Next the broker gives you another tip saying a different stock is going down. Like clockwork the stock price falls. Then they ask for your money to "invest". The con is that they send out a lot of e-mails, mixing up their guesses as to which stocks go up and down. For some percentage of the people they contact, their picks will be right. Go figure.