Cryptography Wrap Up

There was a whole mountain of information that I learned by reading Cryptography for Dummies. It was very insightful. I could go on and on writing about the topics I learned. However today I just want to wrap up some of the highlights I have not written about yet. Then we can move on to more existing hacking.

Be aware that the subject line for an email is not encrypted even when the contents of the email are. Here is a good recommendation. You should back up your public and private keys to different locations.

Static encryption is where the system encrypts the information before it transmits the data. The MD5 and SHA-1 algorithms do not encrypt data. They just allow the recipient to detect whether the contents of the message have been tampered with during transmission.

Finally you should not install and set up a cryptographic system if you are not 100% sure what you are doing. Good luck with your encryption exploits. Next time I think I will talk about another book I read in the past. Can you guess the title? It was Hacking for Dummies.