WikiLeaks Disclosure

It seems WikiLeaks is the big story these days. I read about them on the front page of my local paper. There were links to their recent disclosure all around the web. What they did was post a massive amount of classified information about the war in Afghanistan.

I downloaded all the data from WikiLeaks and am still waiting to be impressed. It seems that what they have is a whole lot of small reports of incidents. There is more formatting than actual content there. You get a blurb about some Afghanistan incident. You have counts of if anybody got killed. And they tag whether it was friend or foe.

In my mind, I was thinking there would be some juicy details of being there in the war. Instead I got a huge amount of small entries which were initially classified by the government. Maybe I will uploaded all this data to a database. WikiLeaks makes it easy by providing scripts to uploaded the data. However I still think I will not be wowed by their data. All they show is that there is a source willing to give them classified government information. The actual data is a bit boring. Next.