Face Camoflage

I just read a blog post at SocialBeat on techniques to disguise your face from recognition software. People be posting their image to the web on sites like FaceBook. And there is software that is growing smart at figuring out who you are just from your picture. This is kind of like a Big Brother future. But the software is only so smart. A little mask can throw the software off track.
Now nobody is saying you need to make sure you go out looking like cat woman. You can maybe just touch up your face using photoshop before you post it online. Then you can remain below the radar from the image trackers online.
I think what we really need is some type of image processing which can mask your face from the image processing, but leave it looking the same for humans. Sounds like a good research project. You could start with the actual facial recognition software. Then you could try out different subtle hacks to the image to make it confuse the software. Or you could reverse engineer the code in the facial recognition software, and find its weakness. That's even better.