Robin Sage

Some time ago, a woman named Robin Sage started appearing on social networks. She was supposed to be in her twenties. She was supposed to have worked for the Naval Network Warfare Council. As you might expect, she was getting connected with military personnel.

The online persona looked good. Her picture was hot. She was allegedly a grad of MIT. And she interned at the National Security Agency. It turns out this profile was fabricated. A hacker put it together as part of an experiment.

The funny thing is that the online persona networked with military top brass. She even got some job offers extended to her. The tragedy is that, through her military contacts, the hacker was able to get a lot of information about troop movements in Iran and Iraq. Nice.

A nice picture, and some early assumptions, caused the scam to pick up momentum. Luckily some skeptics dug deep and discerned the sham. Beware who you meet online. Often they are not who they seem.