New Program - TaskCtrl

Late one night I was visiting web sites I should not have been. Wouldn't you know it? Some sort of malware got installed on my PC. The system tray had a troublesome icon which kept telling me that I had been infected. Web pages started having extra links in them to virus removal sites. To top it off, my Windows Task Manager became disabled. This was some ambitious malware.

I am a programmer. So I decided to write a program to give me control over whether I can run the Windows Task Manager or not. This is just a key and a value that is stored in the registry. Thus my TaskCtrl program was born. I wanted to quickly code this and share it with you. Therefore I relied on my good old C++ programming skills. This program is provided free of charge.

TaskCtrl first comes up and shows you whether the Windows Task Manager is enabled or disabled. You can change this state by clicking on the radio buttons. This will immediately either enable or disable Windows Task Manager for you. I also added a button that brings you back to my Black of Hat blog. You never know. Maybe my program will make its way to some people who do not read my site. Enjoy this little treat. I plan to find some more time to get back to writing and distributing useful software here.