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It has been a while since I have released a program on this blog. Times have been very busy. But now I am getting a breather. So I thought I would whip up a program and share it here. Today I give you Easy Grader.

This programs requires the Java 1.6 runtime. I am learning the Java programming language now. So I am going to write programs in Java rather than my normal C++ these days.

Somebody actually asked me to write this program. If you are grading papers, and there are a total of n questions on the paper, this program will give you a percentage out of 100 given that the student missing x questions.

Yes you could easily do this with a calculator. But when you have a stack of 100+ papers, you want to be able to convert to a percentage quickly. That's the easy in Easy Grader. I am sure you could use this to figure out what you score is based on how many questions you got wrong on a quiz or test at school. The real lesson here is to download and install the Java 1.6 runtime so you can run my program.