Spying on Cell Phones

I was reading some interesting blog today. Then I saw some ads on the site. I clicked through one ad to find a big web page on a product that let's you spy on someone else's cell phone usage. The marketing sounded too good to be true. I wondered whether such a hack could actually exist. Perhaps it is some type of blue tooth device hacking. You ever hear of blue snarfing or blue bugging? I seem to have studied this stuff in school a while ago.

Let's get back to the features of this offer. You can listen in on another person's calls. You can read their text messages. You can also track them via GPS. You can view their contact list. And you can see their photos. All of this is supposed to be undetectable. These are alleged features. I am not sure whether I belief them or not.

This functionality is supposedly not limited to cell phones. It works on any blue tooth enables devices like laptops as well. Law enforcement uses these techniques as well. This works on any phone. You do not see evidence of this on the target's phone. You do not see any apps on the target phone. Nor does it consume much memory. All the data collected fits in megabytes, even after a year's worth of recording. There is different software to install on your phone based on your model. Nothing is logged on the target phone. It is an all software solution.

There are some bonuses with this deal such as how to catch cheaters, how to use spy gadgets, and how to get the truth. Those are the names of the bonus products. These products include detailed info on dirty tricks, covert surveillance, spying via web cams, lie detection, and mind games. I almost would go for this deal just for the bonuses if I could trust them. The whole thing costs $99. If I had more cash, I would try going for this. But if something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. This might be a hack to get my credit card number and leave me with nothing. Still I can dream that such a broad tool set of capability actually exists out there. Anybody want to give this deal a try?