Plane Protection

Here is a smart idea I have read about. Suppose you need to fly, and want to transport something of value. Sure you can carry it on board and keep it close. But maybe you want to check it in. How do you make sure it has the best chance of making it to your destination? You pack it with a gun.

This is the scoop. You need to declare that you are checking in a package with a gun. Then you sign some forms. The package then gets priority handling and storage during the flight. That is understandable. Who at the airline wants to be responsible for a gun checked in disappearing? I like this idea. Except you need to carry a gun and bring it to the airport.

The more sensible approach might just be to Fed Ex your item and insure it. That way the shipping company has a financial incentive to make sure you package arrives without being tampered. It is a little more hassle than checking a package. However it may give you more peace of mind that bringing the gun along on the flight.