I finished reading the book Masters of Deception by Michelle Slatalla and Joshua Quittner. The book chronicles the lives of the main members of the hacking group Masters of Deception (MOD). The group's name is actually a play on the Legion of Doom (LOD), which was a rival hacker group.

The book itself was a good read. It was hard to keep all the hackers straight, given that they all go by handles. Some hackers have multiple handles given the system they are on. The thing that annoyed me about the book was that there was no Table of Contents. Well I am going to rectify that. Here is the table of contents I would have created for this book:

Prologue - AT&T Crash
Chapter 1 - Scorpion
Chapter 2 - Phiber Optik
Chapter 3 - Plik
Chapter 4 - New York Telephone
Chapter 5 - MOD
Chapter 6 - Corrupt
Chapter 7 - The Learning Link
Chapter 8 - Raided
Chapter 9 - Alfredo
Chapter 10 - Fifth Amendment
Chapter 11 - Tymet
Chapter 12 - MODNET
Chapter 13 - Parmaster
Chapter 14 - Broker
Chapter 15 - Grand Jury
Chapter 16 - Plea
Afterward - 2600

I recommend you get this book and read it. The thing gives you a good feel for who these people are. I might go over some of the hackers revealed in this book.