Masters of Deception

A buddy of mine bought me the book Master of Deception. It chronicles the exploits of some young hackers from the 1980's. One of them is the famous Phiber Optik. I have heard this name before. And I thought he was some ominous hacker. Indeed he might have been. But the book paints him as a teen that stayed up all night trying to figure out phone systems. That is not the thug I expected him to be.

The book annoyed me a bit. There was no table of contents. That does not help me get a feel for what I am reading in each chapter. When I finish the book, I will come up with my own proposed table of contents for the book and post it here. Okay? For now I really do like the insight into the lives of the kids that cracked the phone system, as well as the authorities that pursued them.