Zero for 0wned

With the recent news about the release of the ZF05 zine, I thought I would ask the following question. Who are the authors? They call themselves Zero For 0wned. This is the fifth installment of their zine. I assume this is an electronic only zine.

Having read most of ZF05, I find myself getting bored looking at all their listings of hacking into systems. But get this. Their general writing is very amusing. It is a good read. I laugh out loud at many things they write such as "Dan Kaminsky is a noob".

It is hard to pin down any facts about Zero For 0wned. They are an underground group. In their zine they say they are silent at conferences, not revealing themselves. Their mission appears to be to destroy people or movements they are against.

There are some lessons learned from seeing the mass ownage from their latest zine issue. You should not reuse passwords. If you are a security professional, you had better employ good security practices yourself. And finally, nobody is safe. You are vulnerable if your computer is connected to the net.