PerlMonks Hacked

The PerlMonks site has been hacked, exposing all kinds of user information. Zero For Owned has taken responsibility. They have published passwords and e-mail addresses of some of the "cherished" members of PerlMonks. Specifically the janitors and saints at PerlMonks have been outed by Zero For Owned.

A PerlMonks update on their site states that the root password on one of their servers was compromised. They store the user information in plain text. That includes user passwords as well. It was thus easy for Zero For Owned to, well, conduct mass ownage.

This was just a demonstration by Zero For Owned. Their e-zine states they just exposed the weakness, and did no harm to any code repositories. It is still a sad state of affairs. I have been e-mailed users that were affected. I was not sure if PerlMonks was doing this already.