Power of Proxy

I was reading a post with a lot of comments. One dude said he was trying to make money with Google AdSense by clicking on his own ads. Normally Google detects and blocks this type of behavior. The guy said he got around this by clicking once a day using a web proxy.

The web proxy hid his computer IP address from Google. That made it like somebody else was clicking on the ads he hosted on his site. This pissed some people off, especially those who were paying Google for displaying ads in its AdWords program.

This sounded like an interesting idea. The guy stated that it was not worth it. So he quit. I wonder whether he was telling the truth. So I decided to investigate. There are a number of drawbacks to this technique.

Not all proxy sites let you see ads on the pages they serve up. Furthermore, some sites that do show ads force you out of the proxy when you click the Google ads. This defeats the purpose as Google can then detect who you are. Still I consider the original idea a great hack. It is thinking outside the box to get a little cash.